Providing Official HDF5 Binaries from outside of HDFGroup

In an earlier email Elena stated that one way to help out would be to have outside organizations build official binaries. @Elena what configurations of binaries are needed? What configurations can outside organizations help provide?

BlueQuartz Software has Intel Fortran Licenses for macOS and Windows. If there are build configurations that need those compilers please let me know. I can assign some resources to getting those builds ready if needed.

Mike Jackson


Thank you for your offer to provide extra binaries!


After some internal discussions we are changing the policy and will be providing pre-built binaries on our FTP server for all our releases (see For the past several releases there was only src directory for the source code and no binaries. We are in the process of moving binaries there. Stay tuned for the announcement when the move is completed.

After we complete the move, we will review with you what is missing and decide how to add more binaries, maybe come up with a better distribution mechanism.

Thanks again for bringing up this important issue!