Provide direct links to downloads


It would be convenient if direct links to the downloads of HDF5 releases could be provided rather than, or in addition to, the redirect-style links on the current website. As this software is frequently used on remote servers/clusters, the added step of having to download to one’s local machine and then uploading it to the remote machine is a nuisance. Having a direct link to the download file allows one to use a tool such as wget or curl to download directly to the remote machine.

Thank you

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I would second this comment. For our SDK build we post the HDF5 sources onto our own web server and direct the scripts to pull from there. I know that HDF Group is missing out on those statistics but our SDK runs in an automated fashion and having to force a user to create an account and log into the website to download is just too much to ask.

The sources should ideally be mirrored to GitHub and tagged appropriately. Not bitbucket or mercurial or CVS or subversion. The developer world has pretty much decided on GitHub. Please use that.</strong opinion>

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Source tarballs are available under which can be used with wget, curl, etc.