Provide an API for controling file locking


Regarding file locking (HDF5_USE_FILE_LOCKING), we have need for opening some files without locking for reading and other files with locking for writing at the same time from the same process.
We are accessing libhdf5 throguh h5py.

It is possible to do so by changing the HDF5_USE_FILE_LOCKING environment variable before each file opening, but that would be cleaner to do that through the API.

Wouldn’t that makes sense to extend the API so toggling file locking can be provided e.g., as and argument when opening the file?



In case someone is looking for this, there is now

Please use the new documents instead:

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I have the above URL pattern memorized. It’s not really possible to do this with the new documentation.

It would be great if the html anchor tags in the URL for the new documentaiton were something other than “title72” and “title27” though and if the page at actually let you navigate into the documentation.

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We can work on the Doxygen URL scheme, but the portal RM docs are no longer maintained and will go away soon. We are moving to a single source of RM documentation and that will be Doxygen and will live with the code.

I’ll continue this conversation over in New vs Old Documentation URLs . I think that patch may help.