problems reading array


I have two identical systems (Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit) on two different
machines (i7 and xeon). I have a hdf5 file with 3 arrays type native
int. On one system all the 3 arrays can be loaded without any problem
by my program, on another one only two of them, the third one says:

HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.8.4) thread 139964897130368:
#000: ../../../src/H5D.c line 321 in H5Dopen2(): not found
   major: Dataset
   minor: Object not found
#001: ../../../src/H5Gloc.c line 468 in H5G_loc_find(): can't find object
   major: Symbol table
   minor: Object not found
#002: ../../../src/H5Gtraverse.c line 877 in H5G_traverse():
internal path traversal failed
   major: Symbol table
   minor: Object not found
#003: ../../../src/H5Gtraverse.c line 703 in H5G_traverse_real():
traversal operator failed
   major: Symbol table
   minor: Callback failed
#004: ../../../src/H5Gloc.c line 423 in H5G_loc_find_cb(): object
doesn't exist
   major: Symbol table
   minor: Object not found

It ceretainly DOES exist and is accessible by both h5ls and h5dump on
both machines, but fails to load on one of them. On both machines the
system provided version of hdf5 is used (1.8.4-5). Any ideas where to
start investigating would be highly appreciated.