Problem with first HDFwrite

Hello All,

I am getting a strange result with my HDF write operation. I am trying to write
a dataset in parallel. 5 processors write to the same dataset at different
offset. But the problem is with the very first hdfwrite call.

I check the data array before and after writing to the dataset and the data is
correct. But the hdfwrite call does not write this data but writes some garbage
value. But this happens only the first time and only for the root processor. 74
out of 75 writes work fine.

This is the code snippet:
      if(iproc.eq.0) then
         write(*,*)'Now writing:',pdataarray

      CALL h5dwrite_f(pdsetid,H5T_NATIVE_REAL,pdataarray,dims2,error,
     & file_space_id = pdspaceid, mem_space_id = pmemspace,
     & xfer_prp = pcrp_list)

      CALL h5fflush_f(pfile_id,H5F_SCOPE_GLOBAL_F,error)

      if(iproc.eq.0) then
         write(*,*)'i just wrote:',pdataarray
         write(*,*)'offset is:',poffset,'and',offset

The offset and data is good but still wrong results. Am i missing something
here. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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