Practical limit on number of objects?

Thanks. It turns out that the expected file suffixes are "-m.h5"
and "-r.h5" (this is for 1.8.1).

     I tracked down the problem to the use of H5P_set_libver_bounds():

        status = H5Pset_libver_bounds(fapl, H5F_LIBVER_LATEST, H5F_LIBVER_LATEST);

If I don't use this, h5dump works. However, the use of the above line
results in:

        $ h5dump ext.h5
        h5dump error: internal error (file h5dump.c:line 4150)

h5dump works if I don't use H5Pset_libver_bounds(). I've attached a
short diff to the example, "h5_extend.c", program. If you compile and
run it, the resulting file will not work with h5dump.

[ Also, note that the patch is for 1.8.1, as I had to modify the example
  to work with the 1.8.1 API. ]

h5_extend.c.diffs (1.95 KB)


Quincey Koziol <> wrote:

      I believe this should work if you say "h5dump --filedriver split

        Darryl Okahata

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