performance issues in HDF5


In the past few weeks The HDF Group Helpdesk and individual HDF5 developers received emails on the HDF5 library performance. It was reported that performance degraded between major releases (i.e., from HDF5 1.6.* to HDF5 1.8.0 to HDF5 1.10.1). The HDF Group developers confirmed slowdown with a few software packages built on top of HDF5.

We made it our highest priority to investigate and address the issue.

Could anyone who observes performance problems between the major HDF5 releases send us (<>) C program(s) that can reproduce the issue(s) along with the system information on which you observe performance degradation? This will help us to identify the patterns and prioritize our work. If you cannot send us a C program, please send us whatever you can, for example, a description of your application.

Thank you for your support and patience!



Elena Pourmal
Client Management Director
The HDF Group
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