Open to Public Contributors

Is the HDFGroup open to pull requests from developers external to the organization? A number of my coworkers and I are interested in contributing to HDFView, but I don’t see any way of submitting new pull requests.

Yes we are interested!
Currently (others can speak to future plans), you should be able to open a JIRA issue for HDFView and attach any suggested patches. Note that now would be a great time to get changes in with a release planned this month.


The HDFView project is not yet open to the public, so you cannot enter your own bug reports online. Please feel free to send your patches by email to the HDF Helpdesk or by logging in to the Service Desk. See this page for details:

There is a bug report template here, if you would like to use that (but it is not necessary):


This is less about fixing bugs, and more about adding features. We’d like the ability to validate h5 files against an outside schema. We have users that use h5 files as inputs to our codes, and frequently the files the users want to use as inputs have problems that make them unusable. We’re hoping we could use this feature to allow users to open up their files in the viewer, debug their problems, and fix them before submitting those files to us. If we developed such a capability, would that be something that could be incorporated?

HDFView does have the concept of filetype plugins. We did have HDFEOS plugin in the version 2 HDFView. It has not been converted to the new system.
I think that it is exactly what you are describing. See the hdf.view.UserOptionsViewModulesPage class for an idea.

Plus, the idea is that the modules are independent of the HDFView code base (of course it has follow the HDFView classes) and can be published separately.