Open Data Specialist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute


The Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is hiring an Open Data Specialist.

The preferred experience is as follows and includes experience with HDF5. Please apply if at all interested.

  • 5 years minimum experience working in data management and open science
  • Experience working with common data formats and databases, for example TIFF, HDF5, zarr/n5, JSON, SWC, JSON, SQL databases, neo4j, and MongoDB
  • Experience working in data science, (bio)informatics, and/or interdisciplinary scientific projects, preferred
  • Experience working with large, high-dimensional scientific data (terabyte to petabyte), preferred
  • Experience working with common programming languages and data science libraries such as Python (including numpy, scipy, pandas), R, Java, MATLAB, Julia, preferred

Experience with one or more components of the research data life cycle: acquisition, storage, processing, and analysis, preferred