Nujan 1.2: A pure Java HDF5 and NetCDF4 writer

UCAR is releasing Nujan version 1.2. Nujan is a pure Java writer
for HDF5 and NetCDF4 files. Nujan is 100% open source and is
released under the MIT license.

Nujan creates HDF5 files compatible with HDF5 1.8.5 and later,
and NetCDF4 files compatible with NetCDF 4.1.1 and later.

The primary differences between Nujan and the existing JNI-based
HDF5 Java writer are:
  - Nujan does not depend on any C code, so does not use the JNI
    (Java Native Interface)
  - Nujan supports a wide set of HDF5 features, but not all.
    Details are on the web page.

New with release 1.2 are:
  - Allow spaces in attribute, variable and group names.
  - Redo the way chunking is handled, both to fix a bug in
    chunk handling and to make it more flexible.
  - Have NhVariable.writeData and HdfGroup.writeData accept
    either an n-dimensional array, as before, or a 1 dimensional array.
    In either case write out the data as n-dimensional, as declared
    for the variable.
  - Have NhVariable.writeData also accept a Netcdf Array object.
  - Enhance the NhCopy utility; move it from testing to

Details and download are at:

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