No specific subroutine for the generic ‘h5tbread_field_name_f’

FORTRAN Question:

I really miss the days when NetCDF was the standard. HDF5 is too abstract and complicated.

I am trying to read an HDF5 Compound data set in a file that is too large to just bring into memory. So I am trying to use h5tb to read just portions of the fields and records. My compile sees the subroutines:


My program works to there correctly. Then I add:


and my compile gives me:

Error: There is no specific subroutine for the generic ‘h5tbread_field_name_f’ at (1)

With gfortran on UBUNTU, I am linking -L/usr/local/lib -lhdf5_fortran -lhdf5hl_fortran

------------------- part of the code.

integer(HID_T) :: file_id ! file identifier
integer(HID_T) :: group_id ! group identifier
integer(HSIZE_T) :: nfields
integer(HSIZE_T) :: nrecords
character(len=16),allocatable :: fnames(:slight_smile:
integer(SIZE_T),allocatable :: fsizes(:slight_smile:
integer(SIZE_T),allocatable :: foffsets(:slight_smile:
integer(SIZE_T) :: type_size
integer(HSIZE_T) :: istart
integer(HSIZE_T) :: icount
integer(HSIZE_T) :: ifindex
integer(HSIZE_T),allocatable :: irecords(:slight_smile:


call read_field_name_f(group_id, ‘Table Layout’, fnames(9), istart, icount, type_size, irecords(1), ierr)