New vs Old Documentation URLs

The URLs have a nice feature in that they encode the name of the function n the URL:

The new URLs use numbered “title” anchors.

I would be nice if the new docs had predictable anchors for the function names. For example, it would great if the following worked.

In the Julia language package HDF5.jl, we generate our documentation with links to the online HDF5 documentation because of the predictability of the URLs. It would be sad to lose this if the old documentation were to go away.

I’m not sure how much control we have over the URL fragment generation. I think Doxygen guarantees they are stable for a given function prototype, but not much else. I need to dig a little deeper into the Doxygen documentation. I think there was an option to export some kind of a sitemap…


Could we use this patch for doxygen?

Is the tag file available?

In doxygen/Doxyfile we specify

GENERATE_TAGFILE       = hdf5.tag

I.e., we create the tag file but do not currently use it for anything. Here’s an example:


This is really nice to have so we can easily cross reference downstream documentation with the doxygen documentation.