New subject: Read HDF5 file with string with variable length in C#


Using C#, I can easily read an array of a native type as shown below but I need to read also an array of variable string, how can I do ?

using HDF5DotNet;

var fileId =, H5F.OpenMode.ACC_RDONLY);
var resultUShort = Read2DArray<ushort>(fileId, "Data");

public T[,] Read2DArray<T>(H5FileId fileId, string dataSetName)
    var dataset =, dataSetName);
    var space = H5D.getSpace(dataset);
    var dims = H5S.getSimpleExtentDims(space);
    var dataType = H5D.getType(dataset);

    var dataArray = new T[dims[0], dims[1]];
    var wrapArray = new H5Array<T>(dataArray);, dataType, wrapArray);
    return dataArray;

How can I read an array of variable length in C# ?

I have a section called : 'MetaKeys'

Information from HDFView (2.13) :
MetaKeys (1712, 4)
    String, length = variable, 359
    Number of attributes = 1
        long_name = Metadata Keys

Any help will really be appreciate !


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