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It has been a pleasure working with you all these years, and you surely be missed.

I happen to be at this very moment going through lines of netCDF code written in 1993 :slight_smile:

HDF Explorer uses an HDF4 version from around 1998, and probably not a very well-known fact to the community is that
HDF4 *can* read netCDF (3) files (and also CDF files, I believe).

HDF4 uses a netCDF 2.x version, I think, and that version is what I use to read the classic netCDF format in HDF Explorer.

That as of now, in 2015, the 2.x version can read netCDF files written today tells much about the robustness of the format

Since HDF Explorer also links with a HDF5 library, I never used the netCDF 4 API on it, since it can read netCDF4 files
using the HDF5 library .

Well, until now, because now, I am trying to HDF Explorer to read files remotely with OpenDAP... the shortcut solution
is obviously to use the netCDF4 API , that includes an OpenDAP library (oc2), so it would be just out of the box

The problem is that some names of the netCDF 2.x and netCDF 4.x libraries were kept the same, and some
completely changed their definition, so using the two libraries netCDF 2.x and netCDF 4.x together is not possible.

I would like to keep this old HDF4 (and netCDF 2.x) version in HDF Explorer, so I think the only
possible solution to this is to actually rename all the netCDF 2.x names.


Pedro Vicente

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  After 29 years with UCAR's Unidata Program following 15 years with NCAR's high-performance computing facility, I'll be retiring at the end of this month to explore other interesting distractions.

  I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to develop open-source software infrastructure for geoscience research and education, including parts of netCDF and Unidata's Internet Data Distribution system. I'm also proud to have helped build and manage Unidata's talented staff as it grew from 3 to 23 under Directors Dave Fulker and Mohan Ramamurthy.

  NetCDF has benefited from the work of many other developers and contributors. With Ward Fisher now leading netCDF development and support at Unidata and collaborating with an active world-wide community of open-source developers, I'm confident that the software will continue to serve its users and prove again that shared efforts can be leveraged to develop, support, and maintain long-lasting infrastructure.

  Farewell to many friends in the community. I'll miss you, but plan to stay in touch as an occasional reader and contributor to the netcdfgroup mailing list, most likely under an assumed name ... :sunglasses:


  Russ Rew
  UCAR Unidata Program


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