Need jar files for HDF5 classes


I have just inherited a project compiled 5 years ago for which none of required libraries were provided. I am hoping that someone on this list can point me to where I may obtain the appropriate jar files for the classes that I need to rebuld the project in Eclipse.

In one particular jav file there are two import statements:

  • import ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.*;
  • import ch.systemsx.cisd.base.mdarray.*;

The classe that I need from these packages in the code itself include HDF5Factory and possibly others. I tried downloading a recent binary of hdf5 from this site but did not find HDF5Factory among the jar files in the lib directory. Are these or other jars containing the code I need available or will I have to recompile from sourse code?

Thank you in advance.

These are not published by The HDF Group. You probably need to get those from these people:

Maybe it’s this?

Thank you, I was able to find jar files for these classes at Download Page - JHDF - Confluence.