native libraries in cisd-jhdf5.jar


Hello team,
I am using cisd-jhdf5.jar, i find there a 3 native libraries:
jhdf5,nativedata and unix
they are build for different platforms such as:
amd64-Linux amd64-Windows arm-Linux i386-Linux i386-Mac OS X x86_64-Mac OS X x86-Windows

Unfortunately, I am using the Aarch64 Machine, so i have to re-compile the libraries for aarch64-Linux. Right now I got hdf5 source code and generated the for aarch64, but I can find the source code of and
So my question is:

  1. If are and necessary for cisd-jhdf5.jar to works properly? what’s these .so used for?
  2. Is it possible I get the source code of and Then i an generate the libraries for aarch64-Linux?


JHDF5 is developed and maintained by Bernd Rinn at ETH Scientific IT Services (SIS). The sources for libunix and libnativedata can be found here:


I also encountered the same problem. Has this problem been solved and how


I’ve been working on this issue. Version 19.04.1 should resolve this issue. I’ll probably a link to that later today.


19.04.1 now has binaries for “aarch64-Mac OS X”:

The build files are located here:

Linux users may be interested in the Debian source repository:


how to generated the for aarch64 Linux

git clone
cd jhdf5/source/c

You could also just download the one we’ve already built: