My google searches always land in

Whenever I do google searches using a function name from the C API, google only finds results in, the now no-longer maintained docs. I don’t ever get results in

Is anyone else having this problem?

Also, with docs in, most of the API symbols in the rendered HTML are in ALL CAPS and have an underscore in them that is not actually in the C api function names (e.g. H5P_SET_FILTER instead of H5Pset_filter).

I think this is problematic for people trying to find most up to date documentation.

Hi Mark,

We are aware of the problems with searching and finding information on, and are in the process of trying to resolve those issues.
We apologize for the inconvenience this causes!


l got the some problem!When l search for some most up to date documentation,the browser often results in the support page. The administrator said they will solve the problem soon, but l don’t think they really want to!!

Hi Kendrick and others,

We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve this.

The HDF Group staff