MSC Nastran *.H5


Hello everyone!

I have a result file with extension *.H5.
It is generated from MSC Nastran.
I downloaded HDFView, but I am not able to view stress contours.
Can someone please help share some insights?

Thanks, and regards,


You have to filter the size of table for less no of rows to view the results you can do it

you have to reduce the no of rows to see the dataset


Thank you for the reply, can you please elaborate?
This is how it appears when I say double click on ‘QUAD4_NL’.


Don’t do double click use single click on dataset name
to see the window change on the left side on the left side it will be on “Object Attribute Info” you need to change it to “General Object Info” there you can find a button called “Show data with options” if you click that you can see the selection window like mine in your system there restrict the start and end for your dataset .

The problem is it is very difficult for the HDFView to read big datasets so if you cut up the dataset upon the size that is controllable by it you can view the dataset.


You can also right-click and it will popup a context menu that includes “Show As…” that will bring up the same dialog as the “Show data with options” button.


I followed those steps, but still don’t see any graphics.
The problem size is very small, an example problem.


Thank you for the reply, I don’t see any option like ‘Show data with options’


Sorry - “Open As”, is the correct selection.


I still cannot view ‘stress contour’!?
Everything shows up as tabular data.

I would really appreciate if you can share an image and/or video with few steps or something.

Thank you.


Vanilla HDFView is not a substitute for a domain-specific visualization tool. It doesn’t know what a stress contour is.