meson module for HDF5

Hi there. There is an error in meson module in HDF5 ( fails with exception if the project is not set up for C · Issue #11925 · mesonbuild/meson · GitHub) that I want to fix. But to do it properly I need some context first. The module was first written by some Michael Hirsch from Boston University 4 years ago. Unfortunately, he left no contact information, so it’s impossible to ask him why he did it the way he did. What that module did, it basically called the h5c++ tool with -show and copied the compiler and linker flags to be used by the build system later. What is peculiar, is that he always called h5c as well - for both c++ and fortran, and in the comment he stated “have to always do C as well as desired language”. Does anybody know the reason behind it? Nothing in the documentation suggests that h5c is some kind of sub-dependency for other languages, and my sample project compiled without it. But maybe there are cases that indeed need a h5c sub-dependency?