MeetingC++ online Tool Fair


Dear HDF5 and C++ users,

on April 20th, 2021 Tuesday, I invite you to MeetingC++ Online Tool Fair as advertised on Meetup

Registration is through this link Tuesday, April 20, 2021 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT+2 where amongst others you find H5CPP booth/virtual table, where I will answer questions about:

  • H5CPP applications in real world
    - financial market event processing: Ethernet/IP frames to HDF5
    - moving image frames for Deep Learning
    - modelling to production: Julia/Python/Matlab statistical/prototyping platforms to C++ binary
    - IoT, sensor networks: robust fail safe and performant event recording with SCTP protocol to HDF5
    - …your hard to solve problems…
  • Compiler assisted introspection, and how you benefit from it: from arbitrary C struct to HDF5 without fuss…
  • MPI-IO and HDF5: scalability from laptops to supercomputers: what to do when data is indeed big?
  • H5CPP features and future: where is the development heading…
  • Paradigm shifts: the relevance of easy data access in programming languages:
    • Java had Java Persistence API solving heterogenios type mapping to SQL
    • Python has pickle to pickle away…
    • can C++ have something similar, easy to use CRUD like data access? If so, why HDF5 format seems the best choice.

hope to see you on the Tool Fair:
steven varga


Canada Dry! :v:

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