Manually building hdf5 on travis CI

Background: I’ve written a hydrodynamical numerical simulation that writes out the output to hdf5 files. I’ve integrated it with travis CI such that each commit it would run the test problems. Until recently, we used the pre-compiled package, but that one is version 1.8.

The problem: I want to install hdf5 version 1.10 on travis CI, but when I try to manually build it I get an error message in the compilation process that complains about invalid conversion (see link to travis CI report below). Will appreciate any help.


I looked at the output at the link you sent. It appears that your C compiler is a C++ compiler…??

I see that you set CC to gcc:

$ export CC=gcc

However, then I see this in the SUMMARY OF THE HDF5 CONFIGURATION:

                 C: yes
                 C Compiler: /usr/bin/g++

There are also many warnings that indicate that options are “valid for C/ObjC but not for C++”, and then it fails with an issue with the H5Cpp.h C++ include file.

Do you have access to or can you find a C compiler?

Can you build as follows?

Set the CC and CXX environment variables, by specifying the path to the compiler and compiler (once you have found a C compiler):

setenv CC /path-to-compiler/Ccompiler
setenv CXX /path-to-compiler/C++compiler

In the HDF5 source code directory run:

./configure --enable-cxx >& configure.output
make >& make.output
make check >& check.output
make install

If this is successful, then the built HDF5 binaries will be found in the hdf5/ directory in the top HDF5 source code directory.

If it is not successful, please send the output files (above) and the config.log file to the HDF Helpdesk:


Yes. I think this the problem. Thank!