make check fails during testcheck_version

Dear HDF5 community,

I'm trying to compile HDF5 on a cluster. The configure script and make
run fine, but 'make check' reports 12 failures during see

I followed the install instructions here
and connected to an interactive slurm session on a compute node.
The configure line was:

RUNSERIAL="srun -Q -n 1" RUNPARALLEL="srun -Q -n 6" ./configure
--with-zlib=${ZLIB_DIR} --with-szlib=${SZIP_DIR} --with-pthread
--enable-unsupported --enable-shared --enable-production=yes
--enable-parallel=yes --enable-largefile=yes
--with-default-api-version=v18 --prefix=${HOME}/dev/hdf5-1.8.16

Intel MPI compiler are used and set via export CC=mpiicc.. etc.

hdf5 is already installed on the system as module and there is a hdf5.h
in /usr/include, maybe causing the errors?
Is it just the testcheck_version preferring the system path (and the
warning can be ignored) or is something wrong with my installation? How
can I fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance!