Local Disk Full, HDF Lab Won't Start


I accidentally filled the 10GB of local disk space on my account. Because of this, I am not able to start the HDF Lab server anymore and receive the following error message:

 'Automatic commit by nbgitpuller', '--allow-empty']' returned non-zero exit status 128. , message: "$ git fetch\n\n$ git -c user.email=nbgitpuller@nbgitpuller.link -c user.name=nbgitpuller commit -am Automatic commit by nbgitpuller --allow-empty\n\nerror: file write error: No space left on device\n\nfatal: unable to write loose object file

Is there any way to clear up the space on my account or even reset it so that I can launch HDF Lab again?


Hmm - it might be easiest to just start over again with a fresh HDF account. Do you have an alternative email address you can use to sign up for HDF Lab again?


Yes, I submitted a new account request on Sunday.


Yes, I submitted a new account request on Sunday.


I approved a gmail account for you yesterday. I’ll also email you to check in.



Have you had run into the disk full issue again?