Loading plugin fails with missing directory 'C' library

While attempting to load a plugin the HDF5 library will fail if one of the directories in the plugin paths does not exist even if there are more paths to check.

File is HSPLpath.c in function HSPL__find_plugin_in_path_table. The guts of which are:

/* Loop over the paths in the table, checking for an appropriate plugin */
for (u = 0; u < H5PL_num_paths_g; u++) {

    /* Search for the plugin in this path */
    if (H5PL__find_plugin_in_path(search_params, found, H5PL_paths_g[u], plugin_info) < 0)
        HGOTO_ERROR(H5E_PLUGIN, H5E_CANTGET, FAIL, "search in path %s encountered an error",

    /* Break out if found */
    if (*found) {
        if (!plugin_info)
            HGOTO_ERROR(H5E_PLUGIN, H5E_BADVALUE, FAIL, "plugin info should not be NULL")

The call to HSPL__find_plugin_in_path will return -1 if the path does not exist, which causes a goto to ‘done’, even if all of HSPL_num_paths_g have yet to be checked.

Names change, directories move. If a path does not exist perhaps a warning could be generated but the rest of the paths still get checked.

Please file a bug issue at our github repo;