linker flag under OSX


OSX libs stores a "library name" within the shared library (otool -L shows the name). Often only the "library name" is used.
If I compile code to a shared library I use "-Wl,-install_name,libmytestlib.dylib" to setup this name. I have taken a look to
the cmake file of HDF (hdf5-1.8.10-patch1) to setup this linker command, but I don't know how I can set this for hdf5, hdf5_cpp
and hdf5_hl. I would like to set the linker flag that the hdf5 get's libhdf5.dylib, the cpp libhdf5_cpp.dylib and hl libhdf5_hl.dylib.

So which flags must be set in my cmake configuration to set different linker flags on these three libs?