LINK Error undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms' QT Creator

I am using simple read and write function to hdf5 file in QT Creator 4.8.1
with MinGW (Qt SDK)

code are like this:

/ dataspace = H5Screate_simple(rank, dimsf, NULL);
  dataset = H5Dcreate(file, "/PSD", H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE, dataspace,
  status = H5Dwrite(dataset, H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE, H5S_ALL, H5S_ALL,
H5P_DEFAULT, psd);

thus i build the libhdf5.a library with MinGW (mingw-get-inst-20120426.exe)
and MySys 1.0 successfully

here are the libhdf5.settings :




General Information:
       HDF5 Version: 1.8.4-patch1
      Configured on: Mon May 14 11:45:59 GMT 2012
      Configured by: Hennig@hennig-58f966d5
     Configure mode: production
        Host system: i686-pc-mingw32
        Uname information: MINGW32_NT-5.1 HENNIG-58F966D5 1.0.17(0.48/3/2)
2011-04-24 23:39 i686 Msys
           Byte sex: little-endian
       Installation point: /hdf5/hdf5-1.8.4-patch1/hdf5-1.8.4-patch1/hdf5

Compiling Options:
               Compilation Mode: production
                     C Compiler: /mingw/bin/gcc
                    H5_CPPFLAGS: -DNDEBUG -UH5_DEBUG_API
               Shared Libraries: yes
               Static Libraries: yes
  Statically Linked Executables: no
      Extra libraries: -lm -lws2_32
            Archiver: ar
         Ranlib: ranlib
         Debugged Packages:
        API Tracing: no

                        Fortran: no
                            C++: yes
                   C++ Compiler: g++
                      C++ Flags:
                   H5 C++ Flags:
                   AM C++ Flags:

                  Parallel HDF5: no
             High Level library: yes
                   Threadsafety: no
            Default API Mapping: v18
With Deprecated Public Symbols: yes
         I/O filters (external):
         I/O filters (internal): shuffle,fletcher32,nbit,scaleoffset
                            MPE: no
                     Direct VFD: no
                        dmalloc: no
Clear file buffers before write: yes
           Using memory checker: no
         Function Stack Tracing: no
                           GPFS: no
      Strict File Format Checks: no
   Optimization Instrumentation: no
Linux Large File Support (LFS): no

On linking i get thoses erros:

*H5Sselect.c:-1: Fehler:undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms'
H5Dscatgath.c:-1: Fehler:undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms'*

Any idea why, or how to resolve?

Thanks Martin

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