Kita from C application?


Is there any documentation available on accessing Kita on AWS from an application using the HDF5 C api?


Hi Gerd and I tried this on ISC19 conference early summer, with C++, here are the slides

best: steve


Thanks for the info! I think you’ve provided a good jumping off point.


Here is the example to demonstrate KITA. If I recall, it was somewhat finicky to get it right, but we only had few ours for this clandestine operation and much credit goes to Gerd Heber for not giving up on that morning, and of course to Jordan Henderson for writing Rest VOL, John Readey for KITA.

Let me know how it goes…


Thanks Steven,
I’m building Rest VOL now.
I’ll let you know how things go…


Hi @sthayer1,

if you run into any problems with building or using the REST VOL I’ll be happy to help. Most of the current limitations with the connector are listed in the README, but one thing that might be useful to note is that the VOL connector currently doesn’t try to break up read/write selections into smaller selections. So, if your reads/writes exceed the size limit for a server transfer (which, IIRC, should be around 100MiB by default), you’ll get back a 413 error.


Hi Jorden,
I’m having some difficulty building the REST VOL under windows.
The build_vol_cmake.bat file contains nothing but comments.
Perhaps I’m missing something.


Hi Steve,

Yes, unfortunately I hadn’t gotten around to fleshing out the convenient build script for Windows yet. I hope to change that in future updates, but the REST VOL was primarily developed on linux so the build process was a bit more catered towards that. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to build manually, especially if you happen to have worked with CMake before. First, you’ll need to build the HDF5 source distribution that comes with the REST VOL under the “/hdf5” directory. At the moment it’s important to use this particular HDF5, but in the future the REST VOL will work directly with the HDF5 1.12.0 release. Once you have HDF5 built and installed somewhere, building the REST VOL should be as simple as:

mkdir builddir
cd builddir
cmake -DPREBUILT_HDF5_DIR=built_hdf5_dir [options] ..

This should give you a Visual Studio .sln file that you can then use to build the final library. There are likely other ways to build on Windows as well, but I’m less familiar with them. Hopefully that helps!