JavaCPP HDF5 Bindings updated to 1.14.0, includes hdf.hdf5lib.*


I recently worked with the JavaCPP project to update the packaged HDF5 to 1.14.0 and to include the HDF Group Java bindings:

The overall effect is that a comprehensive set of Java bindings are now available via JavaCPP:

Additionally, native binaries and Java classes are packaged together. These can be accessed via Maven, Gradle, Leiningen, and sbt. Currently, only snapshots builds are available here: .
Normal builds should be available with the release of JavaCPP 1.5.9.

To load the packaged native binaries, construct the org.bytedeco.hdf5.hdf5_java class:

I plan to create a version of the ETH SIS/CISD JHDF5 API based on top of the JavaCPP distribution.