Java variable length array (doubles)

I have an HDF5 file (written by a C++ program) which contains a three dimensional array of a Compound Data types (Java class H5CompoundDS).
The type has some fields consisting of single doubles and other fields which are variable length arrays of doubles.
Using the object based Java HDF5 APIs, the single doubles read fine; the variable length arrays are coming out as String representations of the arrays (e.g)
"{}" (empty)
"{-2.7333e+008, -3.02156e+008, -3.01979e+008, -3.01474e+008, -3.00881e+008, -3.00225e+008, -2.99509e+008, -2.98734e+008, -2.97871e+008, -2.97544e+008, -2.7333e+008, -2.7333e+008}"
Can I read the data as double[] using the "H5" Java APIs? Does anyone has sample code which does this?


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