(Java) HDF Object Package


I have picked up work on a project that uses the HDF Object package for
navigation of .h5 files.

The short question: is there a recommended way to iterate over the members
of an H5Group using only the HDF Object package?

The long question:

In order to get a list of child H5Groups from a parent H5Group, say
parentH5Group, the previous developers used:


However, the size of the ArrayList returned is not always equal to the
number of members actually in the file, presumably because the group's
memberList consists of only objects in memory. This is, of course, a major
problem when the file size increases.

I can successfully read the members straight from the file by making calls
to the Java HDF5 library (e.g., using methods like H5.H5Gn_members() and
H5.H5Gget_obj_info_all), but the code is noticeably more complicated than
before (read, less resilient).

Is there a good, clean way to get a list of the members in a particular
H5Group? If it's just not possible to do that with the HDF Object package,
then... well, it's not the end of the world.