Issues installing the HDF5 Fortran libraries with MinGW/CMake

Dear HDF users,

I am encountering a problem which the HDF team did not have time to look at
yet, and am thus submitting it here, in the hope that someone already found
a solution.

I would like to build and install the HDF5 Fortran libraries using mingw on
Windows 64bit. After finding my way through the many installation
procedures available, I still didn't manage to have it working. My best
result is being able to create all the .lib and .mod files I believe I need
(through CMake-GUI), being able to include them in a Fortran code, and
compiling without mistake. The program fails at run-time though, saying
that I provide an "invalid datatype ID" when creating a dataset with one of
the native types ("H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE" for example).

Some considerations:
- I have hdf5 1.8.14 and mingw 4.2.0
- The procedure described at
fails at the make step (lots of output with warnings and errors)
- The procedure described at
fails when I run the ctest command (that is, most tests don't succeed, and
there are some errors during the build phase), given that I set the
compiler to be "MinGW Makefiles"

Do you think you could help me? It would really be most welcome! Thank you
so much!

Best regards,

Adrien Gaudard