Issue with the reading of the variable-length array

I have an HDF5 file with the chunked one-dimensional dataset with ~280
entries, where every entry is a variable-length array. When I want to read
the item, only 8 bytes get written into the output buffer, even if the
length, returned by the H5Dvlen_get_buf_size is ~5000 (which is correct).

See simplified example. Error checking removed, but all functions gave
successful return codes


hid_t datasetStream=H5Dopen2( file, "Stream", H5P_DEFAULT );
hid_t filespaceStream = H5Dget_space(datasetStream);
hsize_t countPacket=1;
hid_t memspaceStream = H5Screate_simple(rank,&countPacket,NULL);
hid_t dType=H5Tvlen_create(H5T_NATIVE_UCHAR);
hsize_t mSize;
H5Dvlen_get_buf_size(datasetStream, dType, memspaceStream, &mSize ); //
mSize has a correct length
hsize_t startPacket=indexPacket; // for example,0
H5Sselect_hyperslab(filespaceStream, H5S_SELECT_SET, &startPacket,
NULL,&countPacket, NULL);
H5Dread(datasetStream, dType, memspaceStream,

Vadim Karpenko