issue with including HDF library in an autonomous program


I am developping an application in Java using HDF files, analysing them, and
returning specific values after some calculations. My program works well
locally (I use Eclipse), with no issue.

However, when I tried to export my program, along with the libraries, to use
it autonomously on another computer, I get the error: "unsupported

I included in my exported file .jar the different HDF libraries (or at leats
I think I have):


With these libraries included, I thought that it would be ok, and that I
would be able to use my program anywhere, without ClassPath issues.
Unfortunately, as I said, this is not the case. Does anyone have any idea
what to do in this case? It is still important to have an autonomous
program, it would be too complicate to use and to give to other people if
necessary to configure classpath and/or download libraries.

I hope I gave enough information,
Thanks by advance for any help you could give me,



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