Installation problem, make check problem

So hey new to hdf5 here,

I’m trying to make check the installation as the manual suggests, but I’m stuck in this exact line.

Testing t_cache

Other tests seemed to work fine.
And then there’s nothing. I’ve waited hours, but the check can’t continue… Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for reading.

Hi Bill,

thank you for checking out HDF5! From documentations you already have learned that this data system is used across many hardware platforms, operating systems and programming languages.

In order to increase response on this community forum and to help you, can you share the:

  • HDF5 version
  • compile flags
  • compiler version
  • OS + hardware

best wishes:

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Of course, I should’ve done it before.

I’m using bodhi Linux, gcc 7.5.0, PHDF5 1.12.0, mpich2 4.0a1 (mpicc)
As for the flags, I’m not sure what you are asking…maybe the configure parameters?

When installing I ran
CC=/usr/local/mpi/bin/mpicc ./configure --enable-parallel --prefix=
$ make
$ make check

as the documentation suggests.

Thank for the answer!