Installation of the HDFView on Linux Mint



I’m trying to install HDFView on my computer that has Linux Mint, but i’m having many difficulties. I saw that the closest version for my OS would be HDFView-3.1.2-centos7_64.tar.gz (I’m not sure), however when I try to install using RPM, a warning appears in the terminal showing a list of dependencies needed for the installation. And… I don’t know how to install these dependencies (I’m noob at it). I knew that a more straightfoward way would be to use Yum, but at the same time it doesn’t seem advisable to put Yum on Mint.

Could anyone guide me on how to safety install the softwar on Linux Mint? Thank you.


AFAIK the 3.x.y series does no justice to the HDF5 data system: the selection during plotting freezes a most recent I7 4.8GHz processor. From the support portal download HdfView 2.14 for centos 7.0

mkdir /opt/hdfview && cd /opt/hdfview
cp /path-to-download/HDFView-2.14-centos7_64.tar.gz ./
tar -xzf HDFView-2.14-centos7_64.tar.gz

Accept licence, which is y then the second question:

Do you want to include the subdirectory HDFView-2.14.0-Linux?
Saying no will install in: "/opt/hdfview" [Yn]

is n – as you wish to install it in the directory. To invoke the program: ./HDFView/2.14.0/
Should be able to view dataset, with a custom compile pHDF5 or serial one…


as an addendum, here is the icon I sketched up before Christmas – under MIT licence – as the original didn’t quite look good on Linux Mate dark theme.
hdf5-2 And this is how it looks (second from the left):



You can obtain a script with which to run HDFView 3.1.2, here:

The direct link to the script for Unix is:

I did not try it with the rpm version, but it does work with the HDFViewApp distribution if you move the bin/HDFView executable up one directory.



Thank you both for your help!

Steven, I tried your suggeston and apparently the program was successfully installed, and now I will try to make the plots to see if everything is fine. But thanks again :slight_smile: