Install HDFql package


How to install HDFql package in anaconda python

Please provide some referances


Hi Sumit,

Unfortunately, HDFql is currently not packaged in a way that you could use Conda or pip to install it in Anaconda. That said, it should be easy to install and use HDFql in (Anaconda) Python if you follow section 2 (Installation) and 3 (Usage) of the reference manual (

FYI, in the first months of next year we will start distributing HDFql for Python and C# through Wheel and NuGet packages respectively.

Hope this helps!

Thanks ,

I would like to know weather distributing HDFql for Python has been launched or not.And if not when it will get launched.

Eagerly waiting to work on HDFql…

Hi Sumit,

We are planning to distribute HDFql for Python as a Wheel package (that can be used with Conda or pip) towards the end of February this year.

Will let you know when this type of distribution is available.