Image API(H5IM) is not present in HDF.PInvoke

Can you please let me know the Read/Write Image is possible through HDF.PInvoke.dll. I couldn’t find any interface for Writing the images into the HDF5 files.

There is nothing in HDF5 specific to writing, for example, a TIFF image object or a PNG image object from libtiff or libpng. I have every confidence you can write these objects to HDF5 but you would need to break them apart into their raw data and metadata parts and then write them to HDF5 using, for example, a dataset for the raw data and attribute(s) for their metadata. And, once you do, there is no TIFF image reader or PNG image reader that will be able to read your encoding of those objects from HDF5.

The H5IM API is a convenience API for writing some common kinds of arrays of data, image data (raw rgb or 8-bit color mapped data) to HDF5.

Does that help?

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Thanks for the Update Miller… Now I got how to split the image data into the dataset and other parameters into the Attributes…