I dont have plugin directory, although I have enabled filter plugin


Hi all,

I am configuring hdf5 using:
CC=mpicc ./configure --prefix=/opt/opt_shared/hdf5-1.14.0 --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-filter-plugins,
and afterwards, make, make check, make install, and make check-install,
and all goes fine. However, I do not have any plugin directory under lib directory, so that I can define “HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH” variable.

Anyone has any idea why is that?


Unless you have any plugins, e.g., compression filters, that you want to load dynamically, you can ignore this variable/directory. The default build/installation does not put anything there.



I need that directory for installing netcdf-fortran. Is there any way that I can locate it?


You can create the directory anywhere and then set the HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH variable to point to that directory. G.


But there should be a library inside that directory. The question exactly was that, although I am configuring with --enable-filter-plugins, I cannot see any hdf5z*.so in my lib directory.


Not unless you put something in there. The filters you enabled with configure or cmake are “baked-in” and not deployed as separate plugins.



I set $HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH same as the HDF5 lib directory, but still get two failed in make check.
The make install works, but do you have any suggestions how I can fix those two fails in make check?


Can you show us a copy of the error message?


here it is:
15 FAIL: ftst_zstandard
16 ====================
18 STOP 5
20 *** Testing quantize feature.
21 *** (and zstandard compression)
22 Zstandard filter not found.
23 Set HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH and try again.
24 FAIL ftst_zstandard (exit status: 5)
26 FAIL: f03tst_zstandard
27 ======================
29 STOP 5
31 *** Testing quantize feature.
32 *** (and zstandard compression)
33 Zstandard filter not found.
34 Set HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH and try again.
35 FAIL f03tst_zstandard (exit status: 5)


You need the ZSTD plugin, which is part of https://github.com/HDFGroup/hdf5_plugins. To install, follow the instructions at https://github.com/HDFGroup/hdf5_plugins/tree/master/ZSTD. This will create a shared library, which needs to be placed in the HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH. OK?