How to visualize the allocation of metadata blocks given a hdf5 file?

Hi all, I’m using H5Pset_meta_block_size to change the minimum metadata block size of h5 files. I am wondering is there a way to check the number of metadata blocks or offsets of metadata blocks given a h5 file? I am looking for some tricks with command line tools to do that.

Try h5dump -B <yourfile.h5> .

If it doesn’t give you what you are looking for, I hope file format spec can help you to write a new tool or improve h5dump or h5ls.

I hope you can contribute it back to HDF community if you end up writing your own CLI tool. :pray:

Thanks for the suggestion. When I try h5dump -B, it simply prints out all contents of the h5 file. I’m on h5dump: Version 1.10.9. Do I need to upgrade it to the latest version to use this command?

Add -H (e.g., h5dump -B -H test.h5).

I use h5ls -va for this. Basically figure out where all the data is and then take the complement.