How to view HDFview


Hello! I am having some difficulting opening HDFview, and I did read the workaround, however I am quite new to computers and am having some trouble understanding how to get everythin into the right directory. If anyone could outline the steps on how to do that it would be really helpful! I am using windows 10 by the way.



It is difficult to give step-by-step instructions that work for everyone, as we don’t know the details of your system and your preferences (GUI versus command-line, site policies, etc.). As you can see from the discussion of the workaround, some people have encountered problems launching the batch file from a GUI. Some “enterprise” Windows configurations may not allow users to run arbitrary batch files downloaded from the internet.

In the long run, you will be able to work more efficiently and avoid problems that can occur when blindly following step-by-step instructions if you take some time to understand the workaround.

Some questions to help you judge your progress in understanding the workaround:

  • What are environment variables in Windows?
  • What is the purpose of the PATH environment variable in Windows?
  • what are dynamic libraries?
  • how does a Windows program find a dynamic library it needs to load?
  • how do you create and run a simple batch file (the “canonical” first batch file prints
    “Hello World” and is called “HelloWorld.bat” or “HelloWorld.cmd”).
  • how can you make your “HelloWorld.bat” run from a command-line? Extra points for
    finding more than one way to do it.


Understanding the windows process model can be very benificial if you’re using it. Additional extra points for:

  • What is a windows process and how does windows run processes?
  • How can you provide input to and obtain output and errors from such a process?
  • What is the difference between “hello_world.BAT” and “hello_world.CMD”? And when does this difference matter?
  • How can you create a simple script using Windows PowerShell? And a super bonus, why use PowerShell instead of windows command or batch? (According to my latest-but-maybe-obsolete information Microsoft wants PowerShell to supersede batch / command scripts but I don’t know why or even if it’s superior.)

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The trick that works for me every time is to copy the dlls from the HDFView/app/bin folder to the HDFView folder alongside the exe.