How to read data of each member name of compound datatype individually

Hi Greetings,

I am having a dataset of compound type, My requirement is read the data of each member having different datatypes without defining structures, So I found hyper slab concept to achieve this ,I am success in retrieving data if dataset having same datatypes. For datasets with different datatypes I wish read data of each member name by splitting as individual column.

please find attached image, I have to read data of each column data as separate. Can any one guide me on this.

You have to construct a compound datatype which represents the “in-memory type”, - the second argument of H5Dread. You can construct that datatype without defining a struct via H5Tcreate / H5Tinsert. In your case, this compound would have a single field Time. Reading your dataset with that memory type and hyperslab selection, will read only a Time array.