How to detect the datatype of H5T_ARRAY

I am trying to read the compound datatypes, successfully read the interger, float and rest but when trying to read the array data, we know it belongs to H5T_ARRAY but we don’t know what is the datatype of the values in the array. How to find the datatype of values in the array. please do help me. In the image below i need to read the image moments column which contains double data.

The array type is considered to be a “derived type” of its element type. To obtain a handle to the “parent” or “super” type use H5Tget_super G.

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You can use H5Tget_super for this.

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Thanks for the reply…I got the id of derived datatype using H5Tget_super and then retrieving the size of the derived type using H5Tget_size.