How to convert HDF5 into GRIB2 format so that it can be used in WRF?

Hi Dear All!
              I have been trying to convert Chinese satellite FY2C's SST
data available into HDF5 format into GRIB2 format. So that i may use it in
WRF model as an input. Miss Barbara Jones, gave me very useful suggestions
but up til now, we couldnt solve the problem. It is also noteworthy that we
tried to read that HDF5 data by using latest version of GrADS as by using
grADS it can be converted into GRIB2 format but surprisingly, GrADS couldnt
read it. Then we tried to read it by using NCL, again NCL was available to
read HDF4 data but it also couldnt convert HDF5 data into netcdf format.
              Is there anybody who may help me in this matter?


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