how to activate --enable-parallel option while installing with sh file

Dear All,

I want to install HDF5 1.14.
when I extract it it has sh file.
How can I install in this way using sh file:
./configure --prefix=${INSTALL_DIR}/hdf5 --enable-parallel --with-pic --enable-linux-lfs --enable-shared --enable-build-mode=production --disable-sharedlib-rpath --enable-static CC=mpicc FC=mpif90


We don’t distribute parallel binaries since they are so closely tied to the MPI library they were built against.

If you want to build parallel HDF5, you’ll need to download or check out the source from the hdf5_1_14_3 branch, then you’ll be able to configure and build normally. You don’t need to run in release branches since we’ve done that already.