How can I read hdf5 files stored as 1-D array. and view them as images?

I have a large image classification dataset stored in the format .hdf5. The dataset has the labels and the images stored in the .hdf5 file. I am unable to view the images as they are store in form of an array. The dataset reading code that I have used is as follows,

import h5py
import numpy
f = h5py.File('data/images.hdf5', 'r')


group = f['datasets']


Now when I read the group cars I have the following output,

data = group['car']

((51,), (383275,), (257120,)

So it looks like there are 51 images for label car and images are stored as 383275 and 257120 dimensional arrays, with no information about their height and width dimensions. I want to save the images as RGB again.
Next following the code here, I tried to read the images.

import numpy as np
from PIL import Image

# hdf = h5py.File("Sample.h5",'r')
array = data[0]
img = Image.fromarray(array.astype('uint8'), 'RGB')"yourimage.thumbnail", "JPEG")

Unfortunately, the following error is received.

File /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/PIL/, in Image.frombytes(self, data, decoder_name, *args)
    781 s = d.decode(data)
    783 if s[0] >= 0:
--> 784     raise ValueError("not enough image data")
    785 if s[1] != 0:
    786     raise ValueError("cannot decode image data")

ValueError: not enough image data

References I have already checked the hdf group help library etc.
Any help will be highly useful. Thanks.

Hi, @pandaaditya.22 !

I’m just wondering if you’ve got the satisfactory answer from the Stack Overflow:
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