How can I change the build options to turn off packaging of build-VS2012-64.bat?

Dear All,
I am new in HDF5 and I would like to install HDF5 library on Windows 7. I tried to install it based on instruction in If I understand well I should change the build options to turn off packaging. Could someone let me know how should I do it?
Thank you for your help in advance!

Hi, Beata
it’s easy you can find the file uncompressed after you have launched build-VS2012-64.bat on the folder “\build_CPack_Packages” …
but I do not understand the problem? the libraries are to be used to be compiled with a program usually c c++ etc
What is it that you would like to do ?? write a program that uses libraries?

Thank you for your response! Meantime I solved the matter. I could dowload the HDF5 library for Windows 7 so I do not need build it with CMake.