Hitting several roadblocks trying to install HDF5 on R-Pi

I have now burned a couple of days trying to get HDF5 installed on a Raspberry Pi 3+. I have been following instructions in https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/support/Building+HDF5+with+CMake. The CMake almost is successful, but reports that 2 tests FAILED - 49 H5TEST set_extent (Timeout) and 105 shared set extent, same error. I am thinking the timeouts just be due to the computer being relatively slow. I’d like to try and use the library anyway; but I can’t find it, so I don’t know if it was created. I need to install HDF5 so I can use the MIT Digital RF package to save spectrum data off a software defined radio, and apparently I need a HDF5 library to include when linking the whole system together.

  • Am I on the right track, that I should be able to end up with a HDF5 library I can include when linking another large program? (I shudder at the thought of having to re-do the whole make package to run with HDF5 ctest).

  • If my installation was successful, where should I be able to find the library? There is no file looking like an object library in any of the directories created during the build process.

Yes timeouts can depend on the platform speed. I would try running the failing tests individually, use
“ctest . -R set_extent” from the build dir.

Unless you execute packaging (or make install), all the targets are in the bin folder of the build dir.

I would execute the cpack command as it bundles everything up into zip file with the expected folder tree (bin,include,lib,share) which can then be moved where needed.