Help opening/accessing a dataset

Hi -

I have a very deeply nested data set. The internal structure is:

  • Group1
    • Group2
      • Group3
        • Group4
          • Dataset

Using the H5Ex_G_Traverse example I can get to the dataset. However, I’m a bit confused what API I should use to read the dataset. From looking at the examples, it looks like I should use H5.H5Dopen(). However, if I use what I think is the dataset id, I get the following error: Bad value

I 'm calling:

infobuf = H5.H5Oget_info_by_name(...)

which returns a DATASET. However, if I do:

H5O_info_t h = H5.H5Oget( (int)infobuf.addr);

I get bad value. I’m struggling to understand what API to use to get the dataset id.