HDFView without NetCDF support?


I am trying to package HDFView for Debian, but I am facing a major problem: the NetCDF Java library contains a lot of non-free content or content without clear licensing or copyright.
Because of that, it is not suitable for inclusion in Debian at the moment, which prevents the inclusion of HDFView as well.
Is there a way to build HDFView without NetCDF support?


That is a good question! Also an extension of that is being able to build without hdf4.
Having just switched to using modules - it should be easier to do this in the future. One of the biggest issues I had, is with the ant build. Very hard to get everything correct. I do think that the build.xml is the key challenge. Everything else should be designed to swap in/out object parts.

HDFView repo is near the top of the list of repos to be moved to github, soon (Depends on other priorities).

If you have suggestions, please share!



Thanks for your reactivity.
I agree that the build.xml is a real challenge.
Personally, I managed to build without hdf4, but I am stuck with netcdf.


If you got the hdf4 opted out, that means I had some success in making that possible. (could you indicate anything that would make it easier?)
netcdf should be similar to hdf4 (netcdf should be just as optional as far as hdfview is concerned) - might need some of the same changes.



Ideally, a configuration script like autoconf or cmake would make things much easier to parametrise (optional features, library paths, and so on).