HDFView on Windows not displaying fixed length UTF-8 string correctly


Hi there,
I think there is a bug in the way HDFView displays fixed length UTF-8 strings. I’m writing an attribute with the value “Ganz schön heiß!” (“pretty hot!” in german) and when reading it back I get the correct string. But viewing the file in HDFView, the attribute is not displayed correctly when running HDFView on Windows (10):

When running HDFView on Linux (Ubuntu / Mint) the Attribute is displayed correctly:

Variable length UTF-8 strings are displayed correctly. But with attributes, I failed in writing a Variable length string using the H5A.write() function of using HDFPInvoke for .NET, that’s why I’m using fixed length strings for attributes…


Looks like an HDFView issue. Presumably, it does display w/ h5dump correctly? Or the new VSCode extension :wink: